Prevention, outreach & Education

Awareness, prevention, and education groups available for youth and adults of all ages. 


Individual Support and Advocacy

Free trauma-informed crisis support, mentoring, case management, advocacy, and support services for youth 10-25 years of age, impacted by homelessness, violence, adversity, and/or exploitation.



Prevention, outreach & Education

Youth Trust Project values the role of education in creating a community of support for youth in addition to the prevention of commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking. The Youth Trust Project offers a variety of innovative presentations, trainings, and resources for community education, youth prevention and education, and professional trainings.


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Knowing the risk of human trafficking and exploitation drastically increases for youth who are experiencing homelessness, youth in foster care, incarcerated youth, and runaway youth, YTP advocates supports homeless, runaway and street youth to help them find more stable and permanent housing and services. YTP advocates focus on developing relationships between outreach workers and young people that allow them to rebuild connections with caring adults. The ultimate goal is to prevent the sexual exploitation and abuse of youth on the streets.

Youth Outreach Services include:

  • Street based education and outreach

  • Referrals to emergency shelter, substance abuse centers, and other services identified as needed

  • Survival aid (safe packs, safety information)

  • Case Management

  • Crisis intervention

  • Follow-up support

To learn more about Youth Trust Project Outreatch and Education Services, email Mariah Moseley at mmoseley@youthtrustproject.org.


Individual Support and Advocacy

The Youth Trust Project advocates provide trauma-informed, specialized support to people age 10-25, who have experienced homelessness, commercial sexual exploitation (CSE), and/or sexual violence. All services are completely free-of-charge and confidential.

Youth Trust Project recognizes that each person's needs are different and focuses on building individualized growth plans that are flexible, measurable, and specific to each need and goal of an individual.  Here is what you can expect from working with our advocates.

  • You can learn about yourself, your level of resilience, and how you can use your strengths to build your future.

  • You can safely explore where you have been, and plan for where you are going.

  • You can learn about symptoms of trauma/complex-trauma and learn coping skills for managing them.

  • You can learn about how trauma affects the brain and the body.

  • You can explore educational and vocational options available to help you meet your goals.

  • Advocates offer a safe and understanding person for you to process your feelings, whatever they may be.

  • Youth Empowerment Services can be short term crisis intervention or you can choose to continue case management and/or advocacy services for up to a year. These services can be extended, if need be.

  • You are allowed to bring a support person along, if that is what you choose.

  • Advocates collaborate with other service providers to ensure that you have wrap-around services available. 

  • Individual support services are also available to the friends, family, and loved ones of victims and survivors.

To learn more about Youth Trust Project Individual Empowerment Services, email Madeline Ahern at madelinea@youthtrustproject.org.


Long Term Support

At Youth Trust Project, we know how important it is that youth in our programs have long-term access to advocacy services, employment-based programming, and dream building to ensure that youth have the best chance at building sustainability with their recovery. The ultimate goals of our long-term programming include goal and dream navigation, resilience building, career planning, and long-term educational exploration with our youth. We develop individual growth plans with the youth in our programs to teach life-skills, using trauma-informed techniques to build on their strengths and helping them achieve their dreams. Our programming is designed to support each youth for up to a year, but individuals can be considered for longer-term support depending on circumstances.


Our hope is that our advocates can help youth in our programs to increase their happiness, job satisfaction, and individual wellness that will ensure long-term recovery is possible.

To learn more about Youth Trust Project Outreatch and Education Services, email Mariah Moseley at mmoseley@youthtrustproject.org.

 for more information on Stages of Change, visit our friends at MISSSEY http://www.misssey.org/
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