In solidarity and collaboration with survivor-leaders, community allies, human service professionals, law enforcement, academic professionals and many others across the nation, the team at Youth Trust Project work together to enhance the effectiveness of prevention, identification, intervention, and recovery initiatives in response to human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.


It is our vision and our purpose to one day put an end to violence and exploitation. Youth Trust Project does not believe in "rescuing victims." We meet individuals where they are, empower them for who they are, and help them rebuild.


Our team comprises of survivors of violence and exploitation, individuals who have aged out of foster care, who have seen the hardships of those we serve. We have on our team those with years of experience in providing direct and preventative services to survivors and vulnerable youth and adults, research experts, professionals skilled in the art of nonprofit development, and allies to survivors and marginalized populations.


We believe that Black Lives Matter

                             Trans Lives Matter

                             Survivors are worthy and believable

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