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Our Empower Youth prevention program delivers holistic, gender responsive prevention education to youth ages 10-25 who are vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation in schools, at community-based organizations, and in the community using trauma-informed, resiliency building curriculum that is focused on reducing vulnerabilities of young women.

Youth Trust Project uses the “Empower Youth” curriculum for our preventative training to youth, produced and created by iEmpathize. The Empower Youth Program is a five-module curriculum that can be used by anyone who provides services directly to youth, such as teachers, youth program directors, counselors, mentors, therapists, and more. It has two chief objectives: to equip youth with personal safety strategies, and to nurture their empathy for others. By inspiring students to develop empathy for those around them, our curriculum distinguishes itself both as an exploitation prevention tool as well as a character education program with far-reaching transformative potential for your school, classroom, or youth program.

YTP Advocates are currently in progress in being trained in the Word on the Street curriculum, the Sanctuary Model, and the My Life My Choice Curriculum for prevention, education, and holistic and trauma-informed direct services.   

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Youth Trust Project values the role of education in creating a community of support for youth in addition to the prevention of commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking. The Youth Trust Project offers a variety of innovative presentations, trainings, and resources for community education, youth prevention and education, and professional trainings.

Informed by survivors, the mission of our training program is to cultivate practitioners who are compassionate, confident, and armed with the tools necessary to address the complex issues impacting victims and survivors of CSEC and Human Trafficking. We offer introductory, intermediate, and advanced training options that can be tailored for service providers and community-based organizations. We also offer sector-specific trainings for law enforcement, prosecutors, medical professionals, and educators.

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  • Human Trafficking and CSEC 101

  • Intersections and risk factors

  • Red flags and victim identification

  • Survivor realities and experiences

  • Societal realities, systemic issues, and demand

  • Safety planning

  • Stages of change

  • Impacts of complex trauma

  • How to support survivors

  • Best practices for crisis intervention and response

  • Advocacy and case management

  • Cross-sector collaboration and coalition building

  • Youth and family resiliency

  • Youth and family empowerment

  • Survivor leadership

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